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How To Create A Great User Experience For Your Website

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User experience refers to a persons emotion and attitude towards your website.
It’s how they feel, react, and respond to your website.
It’s important to note, we are not talking about UI design - User Interface Design - UI Design is more to do with how the website looks and feels (it’s a little bit more complicated than that, but that’s a topic for a different day!).

Both UX design and UI design are super important and work closely together.

So, how do you create a great user experience for your website?..

New Mini Brand Identity For Mela Jewellery

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I’ve known Deepa Mistry for a while now. We bumped paths many moons ago - we worked next door to each other in the same building at one point, we have mutual friends in common, and we followed each other on various social media.  As well as a “foodie” she is also an amazing jeweller.

Her handmade pieces are truly stunning, they are simple, minimal and perfect for everyday wear (I know as I am also a customer!hah!).

Her existing brand and logo didn't reflect her work, and that was becoming a problem…

Top Tips For Designing Your Social Media Graphics

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If you’re a small business owner then its more than likely you are on some form of social media to help you reach, find and connect with potential clients... Am I right?
What social media platform do you AND your clients spend the most time on… LinkedIn? Twitter? Maybe you have a Facebook page? Or have you recently started a YouTube channel? Or is Instagram your “thing”?...

Whatever platform or platforms you use, are you making use of the cover photo, profile image and inner post images to the highest potential?....

Keep reading to ensure you benefit from my top tips for designing your social media graphics.